Where is Your Appendix

Appendix looks like a thin fingerlike pouch that’s adjoined to large intestine situated at lower right portion of your stomach. Scientists and doctors are uncertain of the real function of appendix, if there’s anything, however, this small thing can get us into troubles and getting rid of this has no fatal effect to individual’s health.

Where is your Appendix Located

The location of appendix is situated at the lower right portion of your belly and it’s connected with the cecum that’s part of large intestines. Cecum is one small bag that is sited at the primary part of large intestines and not on its end part which is known as the anus. This is absolutely not situated anywhere close to the ribs. Read more…

Appendix Surgery

Appendix surgery, also commonly known as appendectomy, is usually a fairly simple surgical procedure in which an infected or a ruptured appendix is safely removed from a patient’s body. The most common reason for this procedure is a condition called appendicitis which is the inflammation of the appendix due to blockage by foreign materials. If not done promptly after the onset of the symptoms, it usually degenerates to a much more serious condition known as peritonitis or a ruptured appendix. In such cases the removal of the appendix becomes more complicated and considerably more risky for the patient.

Generally speaking, there are two methods or procedures that are commonly applied in the appendix removal. Although they are very similar, there are several clear though subtle differences that set them apart: Read more…

Ruptured Appendix

Ruptured appendix also known as peritonitis is a potentially fatal medical condition that is characterized by acute abdominal pain. Ruptured appendix is the end result of appendicitis which is basically the inflammation of the appendix a small worm shaped tube attached at the beginning of the large intestines, due to blockage. If the blockage continues, the inflamed cells start dying out due to bacterial infection and a lack of blood supply and if left untreated Appendicitis rapidly develops into the fatal and extremely painful peritonitis. This condition is fatal because in most cases when it occurs; highly infectious intestinal fluids such as pus spill into the abdominal cavity and sometimes into the blood supply.

Ruptured appendix and appendicitis are the most common pediatric medical emergency that more often than not requires abdominal surgery. Read more…

Appendix Pain Symptoms

Appendix and Appendicitis

Appendix is an organ included in the digestive system. Its finger like organ that measures around 3 to 4 inches where small and large intestines meets and located in lower right part of abdominals.

Several people, when they encounter the appendix pain symptoms, thought that appendix as a organ without any function inside the human body and therefore they suffer for nothing. Although it’s designed that each body organ has definite function, however in this case appendix function is not yet recognized. With it, a lot of opposing ideas to get rid of the organ surgically are stated since the organ is considered as useless and have been examined not to be functional in the system and removing this doesn’t cause troubles in the health too. Before, it was thought out that appendix serves like storage area for all the microorganisms that reboots digestive system trailed by a disease or illness like diarrhea and some other associated digestive conditions. Read more…

Appendix Function

Appendix Function and Pain Symptoms

Appendix is known also as vermiform. It is the troublesome pouch in the first part of your large intestine. Digestions took place continuously in watery and slushy environment. Large intestines absorb the water from the inner content and then keep the rest till it is comfortable to dispose this. The appendix function maybe was vital to the human a long time ago, but today serves no function in the modern human, though it is considered to be part of digestive systems in prime ancestors.

What is the Function of Appendix?

Actually, you don’t think twice when getting appendectomy or the surgery to get rid of appendix, because this organ has no definite function in the system. Furthermore, removal of this doesn’t affect the body at any cost. Appendix function only helps the digestive organ, thus this has been defined as vestigial organ. It means that this has no functions at all. Read more…